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IsShowMyAppWindowWhenShareSupported() always returns false

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?

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  • OS:Windows 10

Additional context
Just calling this method always returns false.
We want users to be able to share the screen of the process that is running the Zoom SDK.
In prior versions the user had to be logged in to the SDK to set and show the app window.
Now that there is no login to the SDK, how do we accomplish sharing the app’s window?

Hi @brandon1,

This likely means that the current meeting does not support that setting. You can toggle this setting through the web portal by logging in with the account that owns the meeting. More information on this setting can be found here.


Hi @jon.zoom

The can confirm that the creator of the meeting has the setting enabled.
But the method is also not in the IMeetingManager, it is under ISettingService.IShareSettingContext.
I figure that would imply its not partial to any particular meeting active.
I didn’t see anything in the link you provided that would help me with the SDK side of things, can you provide me some other steps/information I might be missing?


Hi Jon,
Is there any further help I can get with this issue?

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