Should I use the personal Zoom meeting url when trying to connect a patient with a doctor?

I have an app that connects doctors with patients. I’m using Zoom to allow them to chat over video. When I integrated Zoom using nodejs, I realized that I can create meetings or use the personal meeting URL that a doctor has.

Can I use the personal meeting URL that a doctor has to allow him to connect with a patient? Why would I use the Zoom API to create a meeting when I can use the personal meeting URL?

Any clarification would help!

Hi @Tim_David
Thanks for posting here. Our pleasure to assist and guide you so you can be successful in Zoom web integrations.
Yes personal URLs created by doctor in Zoom app would work in your custom web app. You will use the custom web app for your own branding so that the doctor and patient can use your custom web app to create and share meeting with your own customizations and branding. You can read more about the custom Web SDK here

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