MeetingSDK integration

Hi Team,

A customer of mine has purchased 10 business license of Zoom and wants to integrate the same into their application. They want to test out with 2 licenses at first. Can you tell me the overall process and flow of how can they get this done?

@tushar.jaisinghani ,

can you elaborate a bit more on what kind of application is this?
type of platform (web, mobile, desktop etc)
what is the use case, and different users involved in this application?

Hi Chun,

This is an application built by the customer, wherein a psychiatrist and a client meets 1:1 for sessions, and it’s a web platform. Use case is Psychiatrist, who are company employees are hosts and the client will join the session through the web platform they have built? How will the integration happen, and while creating a meeting, will the client join with meeting ID from the web platform directly? And can the psychiatrist create meeting through the web platform post the integration?

@tushar.jaisinghani ,

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  • The web platform will probably have 2 different types of user sign in.
  • Psychiatrist
      1. You will be keep a record of which patients will be meeting with which specific Psychiatrist.
      1. When a meeting is scheduled on your web platform, you will concurrently call Zoom REST API to create meeting under this specific psychiatrist’s zoom account. A JSON object on the meeting details will be returned to you. Extract and store the meeting ID and password details, it will be passed over to the patient nearer to the meeting date.
      1. When it is near the meeting schedule time, you will retrieve a ZAK token from the psychiatrist zoom account. This token will allow you to start a meeting on the Web Meeting SDK as host
  • Patient
      1. On your own records, you should be able to tell which meeting is associated with this patient. Retrieve the meeting ID and password. This will allow you join the specific meeting on the Web Meeting SDK as a guest.