Should we use uuid or webinar_id to get the list of absentees from past webinars endpoint? Both work and function the same

I am trying to get the data on the absentees of past webinars, I am using the past_webinar/id/absentees for the same

I have a few questions regarding the same -
The API docs say that we should use the webinar UUID to request the data but I tried it with the webinar_id and it works fine, both give the same data with no errors. I used the past webinar instances to get the uuid and that worked and gave the same result.

What is the difference between using webinar_id and UUID here?

What happens if the webinar was long ago like 6 months ago, will that webinar_id still give me info about my webinar or is there a chance that it might be a different webinar?

What happens to a webinar_id after it expires? Is it used again or is it unique?

Can I use webinar_id instead of uuid and still have proper results every time? Or is there a chance something will go wrong? This will save me one API call to get the uuid.

And lastly, if i have a non-recurring webinar, will there always be only one instance returned from the
API when i GET for past_webinars/{webinar_id}/instance? Or will there be a chance that webinar_id is reused and there might be more webinars there?

The full error message or issue you are running into.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
OAuth App

Which Endpoint/s?

Additional context
For my use case, the type of webinar is ALWAYS non-recurring, one time only (type 5)

Will appreciate any clarity on this, thanks.

Hey @DevMuster

Thanks for posting on the Zoom Devforum! I am still learning, but I will try my best to help answer your question. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can someone help with this please? Kind of need some clarity on this for a project our team is working on. Thanks.

Definitely did not help, would appreciate some input here.

Hey @DevMuster,

Great questions here. We will update the docs to show that webinar IDs are also accepted.

If you are always using none recurring webinars, then I would use the webinar ID so you don’t have to make an additional API call.

The difference between the two is a webinar ID can have multiple instances (occurrences, hence why you have the option to limit the response to a specific occurrence_id).

The webinarUUID is the unique identifier for that webinar instance. Each occurrence will have a unique webinarUUID.

Does that answer your questions? :slight_smile:


Hey @tommy,
Thanks for the response.
Yes, that answers most of my questions!
I just have one more though, if I were to use the webinar ID to get my absentees for the webinar, will that webinar ID be persistent? Let’s say a few months later if i make a call for that ID will the results be from the same webinar? I read that webinar and meeting IDs expire after 30 days and can be reused, for my use case I absolutely need the same results, either 1 day or months after the webinar.

Hey @DevMuster,

I would suggest using the WebinarUUID, because it is unique to that webinar instance. Even if you have to make an extra request, the WebinarUUID is your safest option.

Also have you considered using the Webinar Webhooks to get the WebinarUUID? It does not require a request to the API. :slight_smile:


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