Zoom Meeting Automatically starts While user is in Custom waiting room


I have integrated Zoom SDK on iOS platform. I have designed a custom waiting UI and presented it when I receive the callback in “onJBHWaiting” with the status is “JBHCmd_Show”. Now what happens is when the host starts the meeting, I receive a callback in “onJBHWaiting” with the status “JBHCmd_Hide” and the attendee automatically enters the meeting and the Zoom meeting UI is presented.
Now the issue is I don’t want my attendee to automatically enter the Zoom meeting. Instead I want to present an alert stating that “The host has started the meeting. Please Join.” Only upon pressing “OK” button on that alert the attendee should enter the meeting.

Hi noman.siddiqui,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. I have forwarded this question to the engineering team and will get back to you shortly.