Side by Side Mode when someone else shares screen webSdk

I want to enable side by side view mode when someone shares screens current

Which Web Meeting SDK version?
SDK version 1.9.8

This is what i want and is currently how its displayed when joined by the web client

This is the view i am getting when i do it using the websdk

i tried various meeting init parameter permutations like pure sharing content , sharing mode etc but none of it would allow me to display side by side when screen sharing.

OS : MacOS 11.5.2 (20G95) (M1 Mac)
Browser : Chrome 92

Hi @srinjoy ,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this. What happens when you click the “view” button in the top right corner? Do you see different view options?


Hi @gianni.zoom

Clicking on view button on top right corner shows the speaker view, gallery view and fullscreen clicking none of which results in the side by side fashion.


Any Update on this i even tried your sample app and couldn’t find any option for the side by side view this wasn’t the case for your older sdk and even the current web version of the app that zoom shows to its client.

Hi @srinjoy,

No current update on this, will look into it further about the changes from the previous to current version views.


Hi @srinjoy ,

Can you try updating to version 1.9.9 and reporting back to me?


Hi @gianni.zoom

No updating to 1.9.9 didn’t work

Hey @gianni.zoom , @srinjoy ,

Currently the Zoom Web Meeting SDK only supports ribbon view during screen share. This is intentional and not a bug.

You can stay updated on our future updates here:


Hi @gianni.zoom & @tommy,

We get very less window screen having speakers at top in sharing mode. Are we planning for side view for speakers in share mode soon with webinar mode? It doesn’t give a very good user experience with limited screen size.

Thank you,
mosaic apps

Hey @devops ,

Yes, we are working on full feature parity with the Native Client. :slight_smile:


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