Zoom WebSDK web not detecting other clients

Hello, I have been trying to use WebSDK and so far I’ve been successful to set it without any errors, but I am encountering a weird one now.

What works on my side:-

  • The sdk detects meeting status properly (meeting number, if the meeting started, ended…,etc).

What doesn’t work:-

  • Clients joined through the web don’t really see any other participants. however, when I try to join through the zoom desktop client, I can see the web clients & their camera.
  • I am also unable to hear any audio from the web clients.
  • There’s no UI, just a black screen and small taps for cameras.
    Also ironically, when desktop client shares screen, the web clients are able to see the cameras of other participants.

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Hey @yehia.akl,

Currently the Web SDK only supports Active Speaker, and self view.

Have the Web Clients joined with audio and are not muted?

Can you share a screenshot of this issue so we can investigate further?


Hello Tommy,
Thank you for your reply.

First Photo is of the Zoom client (it detects the users joined from web successfully as shown and their camera).
Second photo is when the Zoom desktop client user activiates screen-share, the web user sees the camera of other users.

  • So, that means that the web client will only see himself and hear all other attendees in the call tho?
  • I wasn’t asked to grant permission for microphone. however, I was asked for Camera. and I made sure to enable audio for attendees & host.
  • Second screenshot shows the black screen tho.
  • I was also wondering if it’s possible to enable side-by-side mode?

Thank you so much in advance.

Hey @yehia.akl,


What browser are you using? You can see the features across browses here:

What is the user supposed to see? The screen share?

Currently the Web SDK does not support side by side mode.