Sign In Events API is giving "Permission error" for a client even when the account is admin

Link to the API: Zoom Meeting API

Error: Permission error

It is happening for a few clients

Hi @vibhu
Could you please share more details about the issue with us so we can provide you with better guidance?
Are you performing any operations via API?

Hi Elisa

We have a integration on our platform with Zoom. We use sign in events API to pull the sign in events of users (Zoom Meeting API)
The client( who claims that he is admin, connected his account using the integration but is getting error when calling sign in events API - “Permission error”. A lot of other clients of us are also getting the same error for this API but it is working fine when we are testing it with our own account.

@elisa.zoom I think I missed to tag you in the previous message

Hi @vibhu
Thanks for confirming this with me
Could you please share the name of your integration with me
Is it published in the Marketplace?

Hi @elisa.zoom Here are all the details:

Name of Integration: CloudEagle (in Marketplace)
Description of Issue*: Some of our clients like are getting “no permission” error as a response on calling this API: reportSignInSignOutActivities
Steps taken to resolve the issue*: We debuged on our end, tested it with our own paid account and it is working, it is working for other clients as well. Only for some clients it is not working. It was working before but now it has stopped working.
Number of Users Affected*: around 5
Error Code/Message: No permission - This is the error message we are getting in backend from Zoom API response.
API Call Details: This is the API. We are using all parameters given in the link.

Hi @elisa.zoom Did you get a chance to look at this?

Hi @vibhu
Sorry for the late reply here!
Can you confirm that the clients getting that error have a pro or higher plan?