Signature is invalid of external user

I deployed the app to Heroku as described.

I can join without errors with the email that I created the JWT app but when I am trying to create / join a meeting with different credentials I get this error.

Getting errorMessage Signature is invalid from join function of Web SDK.

The meeting id that I provide is the personal meeting id as well as the password for that.

Could it be because the user does not have at least a Pro plan?

The signature that I am getting for the external user is:

The credententials that I used to create the JWT app are working witht the Web SDK but I don’t have Pro plan.

Which version?
I use websdk version 1.8.1


  • OS: Windows 10 pro
  • Browser: Chrome

Why other users can’t use my JWT app to join meeting with the Web SDK?

Hi @sotiris.bekiaris,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

To clarify, in order to start a meeting via Web SDK, you will need to pass a Meeting ID that is associated with a host under the same account as your JWT credentials. You can’t start a meeting from an external user/account like this.

Let me know if this helps to clarify—thanks,

Hi @will.zoom ,

Thanks for the reply.

So if I have an application where multiple users want to start a personal meeting using the Web SDK, how could I achieve this?

I couldn’t do this by authenticating each user and then use their credentials to start a meeting?

Any ideas?


Hey @sotiris.bekiaris,

Thank you for your question. In order to host a meeting from the Web SDK, the meeting will need to be hosted by a user on the same account as the JWT credentials. You can have users join that meeting using the Web SDK if they are outside of your account though.

If you want users outside of your account to host a meeting, you will want to direct them to use the Zoom Desktop Client or the Zoom Mobile App.

We do not recommend asking for or sharing JWT credentials outside of your account due to security concerns.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


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