Simple Create Meeting and Get Info via ASP/VB script or URL using Variables

Having a hard time getting started.

Can I just pass variable to an URL?
Do I need to download and install server-side tools or software?

I have my API Key and API Secret.

Almost looks like I can send variables to a Zoom URL to create/schedule a meeting and then GET the Zoom created variables back to use in my web site to create a link for customers to use and I can use to send an email invite.

I have all of the variables necessary to create the meeting:
Time/Date/TimeZone, etc.
Client Email
Client FN and LN and Phone (Area code/location for dial in options)
My Email
Meeting Length/Duration
Password (I can send a random password or accept a password from Zoom API
Return URL to send Zoom created data (GET)
Auto Record = Yes

Anything that I missing regarding variables, I can create and pass.

Thank you to anyone who can help.