Simple Zoom application for iOS

I want to have an iPad in kiosk mode mounted by a meeting room door that shows information about the room. Somewhere on the screen will be a button that a user can press to start a Zoom audio (or video) call directly with a helpdesk.

The helpdesk will have another iPad dedicated to taking the Zoom call from the user.

The iPad would only communicate with a helpdesk so there is no need to enter details such as Meeting IDs or usernames.

Would this be easier to accomplish using xCode/Objective-C or HTML?

I have already created an HTML project and xCode project that shows a website with information regarding the room. I’m stuck with both projects trying to figure out how to tie Zoom functionality into each.



Hi Alvin,

I recommend you to use Objective-C to accomplish this. 

Once you get the information for your rooms, you can use iOS SDK to schedule a meeting and pass the meeting ID to the iPad in kiosk mode. 


Also, you can look at the sample app source code to understand how to integrate the SDK and use the functions.