Skip screen asking for password and name

When joining a meeting via the web client, with a URL that includes the password, is it possible to skip the screen asking for the password and name?

For example when visiting a link like:

It seems that the user is shown a form with the password pre-filled and asked to enter a username. Is it possible to skip this screen and/or someone provide the username on the URL?

Thank you

Hi @flippyhead,

Not at this time, however, we are working on a way to do so in a future version of the WebSDK as this is a common request. You can find more about our release with our upcoming changes page and change log.

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@Michael_Purnell OK then this is different from what I’m seeing. It works fine from the WebSDK but not from the zoom hosted web client. Now we’re very confused. You are saying that while it works now with the webSDK it won’t in the future??

Hi @flippyhead,

Apologize, Yes it is possible to join the web client without entering the name/meeting number. You’ll want to base64 your username for the un query parameter. For the WebSDK, it’s not possible at this time but we are working on a way to do so in a future release.{MeetingID}/join?prefer=1&un={Base64EncodedUsername}