Force username when entering meeting using browser Zoom app




We were wondering if there is a way to enter a Meeting using the browser version instead of Zoom app, for example in Chrome, and force the name of the participant.


The link to enter the meeting is something like this:{IDMEETING}/join

and when we fill the name and actually enter to the meeting:{IDMEETING}/join?pwd=&dn={PARTICIPANT_NAME}&track_id=&jmf_code=&meeting_result=

We tried using the “dn” parameter but it also asks the user for the user name before entering the meeting.


Can we add a parameter to one of these URLs so we can enter directly to the meeting with the given name? Or at least the input for the name is filled with the given name?



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David Pereira






Thanks for your suggestion. Now our api doesn’t support your need.

You can connected our support team, we will support this feature in the future version.




Hello Zoom Team … I just wanted to follow up and see if this feature was ever developed?

We also are looking for a way to bypass the name and email address prompt when user goes to the web client. We are hoping to pass those as parameters in the webclient URL.



While this may not be officially supported (I’m not sure I’m not from Zoom) i have found away to do this :slight_smile: if you “Inspect” the “Join via browser link” you will find a URL embedded that will take you directly to this meeting room. I have put the link below it may be slightly different for you but this worked great for me inside an iFrame.





Sorry typed the wrong URL its this one…