Zoom Web Client Default Username

Hi There,

While joining a meeting through zoom web client, it asks you to enter your name first. Is there any way we could pass a default username through the URL?

We want to launch the meeting from our app and don’t want users to re enter their names in the meeting page again.

Looking forward to your kind response,

Subhan Ahmed

Hey Subhan,

Good news, there is a way! Using this url you can pass a default username. Be sure to include the prefer=1 param and base64encode the username in the un param.


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I will be sure to add this to our docs!

Thanks and hope this helps!

Hi @tommy,

I was wondering, Is there any documentation where I can find all the optional params we can pass to the url. For example disable some features in a web client by passing some params? Is it possible?

Subhan Ahmed

Hey Subhan,

Currently we do not have documentation for this feature, but I will let you know when we do.