Slash command with in-meeting chat

We have an existing app that was designed as a chatbot, for in-meeting chat. It works with a /command

Whilst working on it, I’m setting up a new dev app, but the options (for app type) have changed. Using the info I have, I can set up a ‘team chat’ app, but that doesn’t allow the use of the /command within the in-meeting app (which is where it’s supposed to be), it only allows it in the team chat window, with those in the meeting don’t see.

It seems that the app types have changed, so the one we had is no longer available. Do I need to change the type of app, and if so which type will allow me to send /commands from the in-meeting chat?

Hi @Amazing
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It looks like you could benefit from our Team Chat Apps:

Here is a guide on how to Build a ChatBot using our Team Chat Apps and with /commands:

Please, let me know if this helps!

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