Solution for integrating webinar requiring registration with app?

(None of the existing forums seemed to be an ideal fit for my question, but this seemed to be the most appropriate. If another forum would be a better fit, please let me know!)

We have a mobile / web app that supports an educational program. (iOS app, however the components w/ Zoom integration are just web apps running in an embedded web view, using deep linking to launch the Zoom). We make extensive use of Zoom, and users of our app may join various virtual classes via Zoom, which are typically regular Zoom meetings.

We now have a special case with a class is open to a broader community and is hosted as a Zoom webinar that requires registration.

We would like to provide a link to this webinar in our app, however each registered participant receives via email their own unique link to join the webinar. Is there a solution that would either:

  • provide a single shared URL that registered participants could use to join the webinar
  • or allow our app to somehow gain knowledge of a registered participant’s unique URL for joining the webinar?

Or will we have to transition to a webinar that doesn’t require registration in order to have a single URL for joining?

Any suggestions are most appreciated!

Hey @jeremy.m.johnson,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. While you could send the standard, non-unique, join_url to participants this would require they register before joining the meeting.

Another method is to use the List Webinar Registrants API to get a list of registrants and their join_url. You could then map this to your meeting participants.

Let me know if that helps.


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