What webinar URL to direct people to when they have already registered, on a website, without using the API?

We’re registering people for Zoom webinars via our own website, where someone must be logged in to do so there, using the Zapier ‘Create Webinar Registrant in Zoom’ webhook solution.

This works fine, but if the user returns to our own website before the event begins, we’d like to display a link to the webinar they have already registered for, but we only know their name, email and the webinar ID…

My question is, without knowing their special join_url, what is the best link to use to display to them? We have tried to find out but none of them seem ideal:

Join a Meeting - Zoom - requires the webinar ID, then it asks for your details again.

Launch Meeting - Zoom - is like the above but skips entering the webinar ID

or […]us/wc/join/1234567890 - seems to ask only for your name, then lets you right in?!

We know that the participant gets an email with their own join link in it, but we need to show them something on the website if they come back to look at the registration page before the event!

We’re trying to avoid having to use the API, or to making Zapier post the join_url somewhere we collect and store, as this would involve dev work we’d rather not do if possible - the register via Zapier is fine we just need a link to the webinar for the registered people on the website!

Any ideas? Thanks.

Hey @ralphcapper,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question.

To clarify, if registrants aren’t joining via the unique join_url provided when they register, the format for joining a webinar would be as follows:

Or, for the Web Client:

Let me know if this helps!


Thanks Will, I think the


works best for us - the other option seems to allow you to join without entering any information more than a name? (and the {displayName} seems to be ignored anyway!)

Is there any difference between meetings and webinars for the first link? e.g.


also seems to work?


Hi @ralphcapper,

There shouldn’t be any difference between the webinar and meeting format in this instance.


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