Some message sending via Incoming Webhook Chatbot fail with "Not authorized." error

We send notifications from the monitoring system via the Incoming Webhook Chatbot. We noticed that some of our notifications are not sent with the “Not authorized” error. The message format, endpoint url and verification token are not changed.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Chatbot (Incoming Webhook Chatbot)

I will give an example of such a request:

Time: August 3rd 2021, 00:05:00.000 GMT
Verification token: VsVh…
Body: {“head”:{“text”:"********** Incident Alert"},“body”:[{“type”:“section”,“sidebar_color”:"#2196F3",“sections”:[{“type”:“message”,“text”:“From: ************ \nSubject: ********* Incident Alert\n\n********** has reported the following incident for **************** :\nNEW LOCAL USER PRIMARY ASSET\nLocal account ********** created by ************* on asset ************** .\nFor details, see the https://*********** (full incident report).\nThe ********** Team”}]}]}

Code: 400
Body: Not authorized.

Hi @Matrozov ,

Thank you for sharing. To understand more clearly, were the webhook notifications working beforehand? If so, can you share more information about when you observed the changes?

Thank you,

Hi, @gianni.zoom

Yes, it seems that they worked more stable earlier. Currently, messages are not delivered regularly. Those. without any structural changes, one message is delivered and the other is not. Only the content of the notifications is slightly different.
The problems seem to have started 5-7 days ago. I can see more details in the logs if needed.

Thank you,

Okay thanks @Matrozov , can you share screenshots of what you’re seeing and a link to this post to, addressed to me?


The point is that we can’t reproduce this problem now. One of our customers was getting this error, but now he tells us that he can’t even use the standard commands to manage the Incoming Webhook Plugin, so he created a support ticket as well.

As soon as our client handle this issue we will get back to it and let you know. Thanks!

Okay @Matrozov thank you for clarifying and for the update! We’ll be on the lookout for a follow up.

Hello, we’ve got some updates from our client’s request, they have found a problem and working on it within the #11774498 ticket. They already applied some workaround to avoid this problem and that fixes our case too. So we are sure that resolving our client’s ticket will also resolve our problem, so we can close this issue. Thanks for your replies!

Hi @Matrozov , happy to hear it! Thanks for using Zoom!

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