Some of our customers' webhooks are not sent

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API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
Subscribed webhook events:

  • meeting.started
  • meeting.participant_joined
  • meeting.participant_left
  • recording.completed

For 8 users who integrated with our app on July 3rd 2023, above webhooks were being sent and processed in our application correctly until the end of July 7th. Since after that, all of the above webhooks have stopped arriving our application. I tried to access Zoom APIs using these users access_tokens and it was successful, meaning the user’s integration is still valid, and yet webhooks do not arrive.
(Only 8 users are known to suffer from this at this point, there could be more.)

For other users, webhooks are being sent and received correctly at our application for now.

Could you investigate on the cause of this outage, please?
Send me a DM and I will give you needed informations.


We’re having problems with webhooks at the moment too, I think this is a problem on Zoom’s end. Even manual validation isn’t working properly at the moment, with validation webhooks never received by the server.

The ’ recording.completed’ webhook is not received for some of our customers also since July 1st.

Hi @tech-zoom_zp I am already looking into this.
I have followed up in another thread and privately

Hi @selva.iyyamperumal and @britishcaving
I will go ahead and send you private messages to follow up on this issue.
I am currently looking into this

Hi @elisa.zoom !

I have followed up in another thread and privately

So, is this a same issue as the other thread?
Then, I will be waiting for answer on that thread!

Same issue here.
The endpoint validation it’s working, it sends successfully.
But some events like meeting.participant_joined, etc… are not working anymore

I have updated the other thread @tech-zoom_zp (privately)

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Dear tech-zoom_zp,

If some of your customers webhooks are not being sent, there could be a few potential issues to consider:

Webhook configuration: Double-check the webhook configuration to ensure that it is properly set up and pointing to the correct destination URL.

Server or network issues: Check for any server or network-related issues that might be affecting the delivery of webhooks. Ensure that the server hosting the webhook is accessible and functioning correctly.

Rate limiting: Verify if the service that is sending the webhooks has any rate limits in place. Exceeding these limits may result in some webhooks not being sent. Review the documentation or contact the service provider for more information on their rate limit policies.

Payload validation: Make sure that the payload being sent through the webhook meets any validation requirements specified by the receiving server. If the payload is malformed or missing required fields, it may prevent the webhook from being sent.

Error logging and monitoring: Implement robust error logging and monitoring mechanisms to track any failures or errors encountered during the webhook delivery process. This can provide valuable insights into the specific issues causing the problem.


Hi @aqib.jobarabi

Thanks for detailed guidance, we received other customer’s webhooks so I think Webhook configuration and Payload validation are OK.
Also, I believe that Zoom has a retry logic for webhooks not being answered with a valid response withing three seconds. We have not received the retried webhooks, so I don’t think Server or network issues or Rate limiting got in the way.

For Error logging and monitoring, I will see what we can to improve our logging!

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Hi there,
We are having the same issue starting on July, Thursday 13th.
Basically we stopped receiving some webhook notifications like ‘recording.completed’ for some of our customers but not all of them.
Can you tell us what possible action may we take in order to solve this issue?
Thank you!

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Hi @RobertoSL
Are you still experiencing this issue?

We are still experiencing this issue.
We are also isolating users who are missing all their webhook events.
I can provide you with detailed information about the host_id, meeting_id, dates, etc.


I will send you a private message to follow up @RobertoSL

I’m having a similar issue where I am not receiving webhook events after certain meetings. It doesn’t seem to be user specific because a user will have one meeting that works followed by one meeting that doesn’t. However, recently most meetings are failing to send any webhooks.

Hi @JeremyTGT
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
I will go ahead and send you a private message so you can share more details with me

To update this thread, after talking to some of our Developers, in some cases we have identified a shortage in our system and failover to deliver events to some customers. We apologize for this inconvenience and feel free to reach out to us if you need to.

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