Webhooks not firing

As of today 11/25, we are not receiving any webhooks for meeting start, join meeting, leave meeting, or meeting end events. Are Zoom webhooks being affected by the AWS East outage?

As of 11/25, no webhooks are hitting our webhook API endpoint

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

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Hello, we are not receiving any webinar.participant_joined events atm - does this have to do with an outage as well?

Hi @gostudent,

We did face a temporary disruption with webhooks on the 26th. Are you still experiencing this issue?

Let me know—thanks!

You can see more details about the service disruption here: https://status.zoom.us/incidents/khqyxx9k848z

The issue is resolved now, so I am closing this thread. Please create a new topic if you are experiencing additional Webhook issues.