Sometimes non-customized Zoom Meeting window appears while using custom UI feature

This is a very bizarre issue that we can rarely reproduce but have encountered a few times. Basically, our application sets the needCustomizedUI param to YES when initializing the Zoom SDK so that we are always using the custom UI feature. However, very rarely we’ve seen that after launching a meeting, our customized UI does not include any videos we’ve created, and we actually see a “Zoom Meeting” window appear with Zoom’s own native meeting UI - as if we we were not using the needsCustomizedUI feature. It seems like the SDK initialization that sets custom UI to true is somehow failing and the Zoom SDK believes it should be spawning it’s own native meeting UI. Since this is a rare occurrence, not sure how to reliably reproduce, but we do have the zoom logs and hope that they can provide some clue as to what might be going wrong.

Here is a link to the logs: - Google Drive

In the logs above, this issue was encountered on Wednesday 4/28 11:45AM EST after the following sequence of events:

  1. app was launched around 11:04AM EST
  2. A meeting was launched at 11:04AM EST and in this meeting our own customized UI worked as expected without any native zoom meeting UI window appearing
  3. Meeting ended around 11:46AM EST and another meeting was started at 11:46AM EST
  4. In this meeting we encountered the issue described above

Which macOS Client SDK version?
We’ve encountered this on multiple versions of the SDK but the latest version we’ve encountered on is v5.4.54802.0124

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Note this does not reproduce reliably but the summary of the problem is:

  1. Initialize the SDK with needCustomizedUI parameter set to YES so that zoom native meeting UI never is created
  2. Launch a meeting
  3. Zoom native meeting UI window is created in addition to our own customized meeting window

In this screenshot you can see the Zoom Meeting window that is unexpectedly created after launching a customized UI meeting

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: macOS intel
  • OS: macOS big sur

Thanks in advance and let me know if there’s any other information I can provide to help us troubleshoot!


Hi @nraj, thanks for the post.

I agree, this certainly is a bizarre issue! I’ve been trying to reproduce this, but I am seeing the custom UI correctly show up 100% of the time. When you say that v5.4.54802.0124 is the latest version you’ve reproduced it on, can you confidently say that this issue is not present on the latest version (v5.5.12511.0420) of the SDK? If that is the case, it is possible that recent changes have resolved this already, so please let me know if you see anything stating otherwise.


Hi @jon.lieblich,

Thanks for the quick reply! We haven’t yet done extensive testing on the newest version of the SDK v5.5.12511.0420 since our production application is still using the previous release. Given the rarity of the issue and since we were able to capture logs of this occurrence, I was hoping a cursory inspection of the zoom client logs might give us a little insight into what we can further investigate on our end - either way, I’ll get back to you on whether we encounter the issue on the latest SDK in our testing.


Hi @nraj,

Thanks for clarifying. Yes, we absolutely intend to investigate the logs you have provided. Please let me know once you have been able to verify whether or not this is reproducible on the latest release, as that information will have a significant impact on our investigation.


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