Sound disappears from incoming screenshare when switching activity

I am integrating android zoom sdk for flutter mobile app.
When a user is in a zoom conference and sees the host’s screen broadcast, they hear the sound of the broadcast. But when he switches the activity, for example, to the list of conference participants, he stops hearing the sound of the broadcast.
But if the host chooses to broadcast only computer audio instead of screen sharing (share screen → advanced → computer audio), then the user always hears the sound of the broadcast (as long as he is connected to the conference).
I also tried this with the official zoom mobile app for android and it’s the same problem.
Is there a way to continue broadcasting the sound from the screenshare when changing the activity shown in the first screenshot below?

Which Android Meeting SDK version?

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I can’t upload screenshots from the disk, I’ll try through a third-party site

Here the user hears the sound of the host screenshare

And on this screen he no longer hears the sound


  • Device: Realme 9 pro+, POCO X4 GT, Pixel 6 Pro
  • OS: Android 13

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