Splitting gallery view in two screens

I would like to customize gallery view so that in can be split in two windows when there are > 25 participants (e.g. 1-25 on one window, 26-49 on the other one).

I’m new to zoom sdk. Is this possible at all? If yes, could somebody point me in the right direction how this can be achieved?

Any hints would be appreciated.

Hi abid.hussain,

Thanks for the post. If you are using Zoom default UI, what you are mentioning is not supported. If you are using fully Customize UI, you may design your UI in any way you want. Please have a try with our demo app https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-macos



After setting the Custom UI checkbox, nothing ist displayed when starting a meeting.

Then, after reading the docs I implemented the ZoomSDKMeetingServiceDelegate

@interface ZMSDKEmailMeetingInterface : NSObject<ZoomSDKMeetingServiceDelegate>
// ...
@implementation ZMSDKEmailMeetingInterface
- (void)onMeetingStatusChange:(ZoomSDKMeetingStatus)state meetingError:(ZoomSDKMeetingError)error EndReason:(EndMeetingReason)reason
    if (state == ZoomSDKMeetingStatus_InMeeting)
        ZoomSDKVideoContainer* videoContainer = [[[ZoomSDK sharedSDK] getMeetingService] getVideoContainer];
        ZoomSDKNormalVideoElement* normalElement = [[ZoomSDKNormalVideoElement alloc] initWithFrame: NSMakeRect(0, 0, 320, 240)];
        [videoContainer createVideoElement: &normalElement];

Didn’t work ether.

@Carson_Chen May you give me a hint how to setup custom UI so that participants are displayed when starting a meeting?

Got it working out of the box. Sorry for the mess. Thanks.

Hi abid.hussain,

Pardon the late reply. Glad to hear that it is working. Happy Zooming! :slight_smile:

Hello Abid,
I am interested in knowing how you got this done.

Thank you


I’m looking for the same function (splitting gallery into two windows).

Do you mind sharing your solution? Did you test gallery split with more than 25 people? (I need to see 49+49 people at the same time, if possible)