Unable to Customize Zoom Meeting UI

i want to open zoom meeting UI and controls on half of the screen in xamarin forms using zoom sdk , but i can’t get it . it opens only full screen .
How can i customise zoom sdk in a page where in half of screen
i show zoom meeting and other half of screen for another process ?
and also will is it possible ?

Hi @abhay1 ,

Happy to help! Which SDK are you using please?


hi gianni,
i use zoom SDK iOS in xamarin from Zoom market place.i want to open zoom meeting on half of screen. Will it is possible to customize the meeting UI of Zoom in xamarin iOS and Android?
if it is possible then please let me know how we customize meeting UI of Zoom in my app.

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Split Zoom Meeting in Single Screen on .xaml page.

Which Mobile Client SDK version?
xamaring.ios.zoom or xamarin.andorid.zoom

Additional context
Can I change the join meeting ui in half of my device screenThe screen waiting room screen or meeting room screen.Basically I want to customize the join meeting screen.
Is it possible and how I can achieve this?

I am using below code by default it takes me to Meeting UI or for attendees is shows the waiting room screen on ios device( Full screen )
I want to split screen for meeting ui screen to half screen of ios device what changes do I need to change zoom meeting screen size to half ?

public void JoinMeeting(string meetingId, string displayName, string meetingPassword)
if (IsInitialized())
var meetingService = zoomSDK.MeetingService;

            meetingService.JoinMeetingWithParams(Android.App.Application.Context, new JoinMeetingParams
                MeetingNo = meetingId,
                DisplayName = displayName,
                Password = meetingPassword

Hi @abhay1 ,

Have you seen our UI customization options for this SDK here: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/native-sdks/iOS/mastering-zoom-sdk/in-meeting-function/zoom-meeting-ui/meeting-setting ?

The tabs on the left show the different parts of the SDK UI you can customize.

Let me know if this helps,

SDK matter for customize the UI for ZOOM meeting?

Hi @babarazamsaim – are you asking if the SDK type matters for this customization?

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