Sporadic Failure to Join Meeting from WebSDK with Error Description: "FailedFromWeb, SB_ERROR_UNKNOWN ,200"

About 30% of the time when joining a meeting from the WebSDK on my website, I get a “Joining Meeting Timeout. Fail to join the meeting.” error popup. When I look at the console, there are no errors, but on the Zoom websocket messages, I see an error stating “FailedFromWeb, SB_ERROR_UNKNOWN ,200”. (see screenshot). Whenever this happens, if I use the “Retry” button, it will usually work the 2nd or 3rd time without me changing anything.

Browser Console Error
No errors on the console, but in the Websocket messages I see:
“FailedFromWeb, SB_ERROR_UNKNOWN ,200”

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Meeting SDK Code Snippets

			leaveUrl: 'livezoom?v=' + Date.now() + "&num=" + mtgnum + "&pw=" + mtgpw,
			success: (success) => {
				ajax( "data", "zoom-sig", { num: mtgnum, pw: mtgpw }, function( xml )
					let config = emf.fromAttributes( $( xml ).find( "zoominfo" ) );
					config.success = function( success ){ console.log( success ) };
					config.error = function( error ){ console.log( error ) };
					console.log( config );
						sdkKey: config.sdkKey,
						signature: config.signature,
						meetingNumber: config.meetingNumber,
						passWord: config.passWord,
						userName: config.userName,
						success: (success) => {
							parent.postMessage( "joinedzoom" , "*" );
						error: (error) => {
			error: (error) => {

Troubleshooting Routes
I cannot find any info online about this error code. And it is hard to troubleshoot because it happens randomly, but otherwise works without any change in how I join. The only pattern I’ve noticed is that it more often seems to fail if the meeting it’s trying to join has just started, and it rarely fails if I leave and rejoin the same meeting from the same client.

Device (please complete the following information):
This is my test device, but I’ve had the same issue happen on many other devices.

  • Device: RazerBlade 15
  • OS: Windows 11
  • Browser: Chrome
  • Browser Version: 108.0.5359.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Aside from this error, the web SDK is working great, but we’d like to get to the bottom of this issue to avoid the annoyance for our customers of often having to retry joining the meeting before it works. Thank you!

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