SSL Error during requests

Since the Nov. 5th, I’ve changed my scripts to use HTTP/2. During python3.9 batch processes requesting several meetings information, I intermittently encounter the following error :
EOF occurred in violation of protocol (_ssl.c:1129)

It is not an algorithm problem or a misuse of an API as ±99.9% of requests, with several API, receive a 20x response.

Reading over the web, several causes may generate a SSL issue:

  • Unrecognized Certificate
  • Incorrect clocks

In the script I could disabled SSL verification to avoid the error, but for security reasons, I’d prefer not doing it.

I know that my request seems weird but, after 4 days looking for a bad configuration on my side and updating components without success, could you check on Zoom side that all the servers serving the APIs have a valide certificate ?
I wonder if this is another result related to this topic.

For sure, if you have a solution that I can apply I am interested !