SSO Token (or proper login flow with Android SDK) with Auth0 IDP

Hi all,
I’m trying to help a customer who is using Auth0 as an IDP for Zoom. He has an Auth0 SSO configured in the Auth0 dashboard, and when he goes to on a web browser, it redirects to Auth0, lets him log in, and redirects back to

He is also trying to develop using the Android SDK and is trying to log a user in with an SSO token:

But the token in the above url doesn’t seem to work for this (it’s a very short token). Anyone know the purpose of the above token?

I saw a response regarding the IDP providing a ‘zt’ parameter in the following link, but don’t see that in Auth0’s urls at all:

Is trying to log in with an SSO token the correct way to log in with a mobile SDK with an IDP set up like this?


Hi @andrew.hsu, thanks for using the dev forum.

Yes, the documentation you have linked to is the correct method of logging into the SDK with the token provided by your IDP. If you are having issues, I would recommend reaching out to your provider to ensure that you are using the correct token.

Let me know if you believe that there is something that is not working correctly with the SDK and we can investigate further.


Hi @jon.lieblich,

Thanks for the reponse. I don’t believe there is a problem with the SDK itself, just where the SSO token would or should come from.

Auth0 support is not aware of where the Zoom SSO token would come from. From their point of view, the Auth0 SSO is configured to show a login page, then send back a SAML request, which seems to be successfully sent back according to the network traffic. But inside the Auth0 dashboard there is no indication of SSO token, nor are there any token values on any of the urls from the Auth0 domain during the authentication flow.

It would help to understand where this SSO token would come from originally (would it be stored by the IDP, generated spontaneously by the IDP, or generated through some http exchange between the IDP and Zoom, etc.?)

Please also let me know if the mobile SDK section is not the right place for this question, I will gladly re-ask it in the appropriate section.


Hi @andrew.hsu,

Unfortunately we cannot provide assistance with how to retrieve this token for your provider as it is outside of the scope of our developer platform. If you are still in the process of configuring your Zoom account with SSO, you could visit our general support page for help. Otherwise, this is something that your provider would need to help with. Due to the fact that different providers may have varying methods through which you access your token, we cannot provide support on this aspect.


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