Start Demo button does not take further on Windows 10

I have setup demo app ver: 4.6.15088.0210 on Windows 10 with ia32. Everything compiles well and the Zoom domain window appears. I click Start Demo button and it shows following in the command prompt, but nothing happens. It remains on the same screen.

retCustomize 0
retURLCustomize 0
retPictureCustomize 0

Just to let you know that after compilation during initial startup it gave 2 errors and I have to copy lib and sdk folder to my compiled folder -> resources and it then ran without any error. But stuck on Start Demo button.

Hi zishanj,

Thanks for the post. May I ask what are the errors you are getting? Based on the description, some errors should be showing in either the console or the log. I tried to run the Electron SDK demo on Windows 10 and I did not encounter any issues. Could you provide more details regarding the issue you are facing?


I figured out that dll files were missing from my win32 folder. I have copied all the files again and it works. There is one issue now on Windows that BrowserWindow does not trigger onShow event. On Mac it does trigger this event.

Any idea about this?

Figured out that the event did-finish-load is a better approach.

Hi zishanj,

Thanks for the reply. Glad to hear that the problem is resolved. Happy Zooming! :slight_smile: