Start Instant Meeting

Hello Support Team,

I want to know that which kind of user can start Instant Meeting ?

I am using pro account and i have created user using REST API but when i start meeting i am getting error.

Which kind of user we need to create so that that user can start and join meeting ?

create, autoCreate, custCreate, ssoCreate

And which steps need to perform in order to start & join instant meeting ?

Like Initialize Zoom SDK
Login to Zoom
Start Instant Meeting.


Hi Jim,
Thanks for using Zoom SDK. The Zoom login user and SSO login user can start an instant meeting.
API /Non-login User can join a meeting or start a pre-scheduled meeting.

The error code you got, 5003, means no response from our server, regarding the meaning of the error codes, please refer:

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

@carson.zoom Thanks for the reply

So, in order to start instant meeting the user must be logged in in zoom sdk.

So, can you help me using which type we need to use when create user ? (create, autoCreate, custCreate, ssoCreate)

We want to start instant meeting.

In our app the scenario is when user click on button the push notification is sent to the another user and in that second user we are showing one button and on clicking of that button the second user is join meeting using meeting number sent inpush notification.

So, We need to create separate user in zoom when they are signing up in my app ?

If we create a user using

CREATE this then confirmation email is sent to that user and clicking on that link user is redirected to a screen when they need to signup in zoom and from where the user can change password so how can we login in the zoom sdk because user can change password and at time of creating user using
“action”: “create”,
“user_info”: {
“email”: "",
“type”: “1”,
“first_name”: “John”,
“last_name”: “Martin”,
“password”: “P@ssword123”

the password is different

Hi Jim,
Thanks for the reply and thanks for the info. Based on the link:, the create type and the ssoCreate would be the expected user type. I personally focus more on the SDK side so I am working with our API team to better address your scenario and provide better suggestions for you. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Hi Jim,

Regarding your use case, for security concerns, the password creation, account confirmation, and the activation steps cannot be skipped if you are using the create type of user creation. Please note that the password shown in the API call is not available for the create type. It is only available for the autoCreate type of user creation.


So the best option for your scenario would be using the autoCreate or the ssoCreate. To use autoCreate, you need to send a request to verify your domain on the Zoom user portal ( > Sign In/My Account > Account Management > Account Profile).
Once we have approved your domain verification request, you will be able to create a new user using autoCreate and set the password at use creation. Once the user has successfully created, you will be able to log the user in with SDK.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

@carson.zoom Thanks for the reply.
So in order to start meeting we need to create user using autoCreate or ssoCreate at time of registration in our app.

so my question is the user can register from various domains so we need to add & verify each domain ? under manage domain section ?

Hi Jim,
The domain mentioned here is your own domain, if you have multiple domains, you will need to add & verify all of them.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

My question is suppose the user registered in my app has domain & some user have domain so do we need to verify all of them because we don’t know about the domain from which user will register. Some of they might be register with gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc…

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the reply. May I ask do you want your user to just create and use once? Or you would like to create a user with password and use them later as well?

If you just want your user to just create and use once, here is a way of achieving what you want:

Pre-requisites: You will need to have a business plan or API plan.

  1. Make an API call to, and use custCreate method. A user creates in this way has no password and is not able to log into the Zoom web site or client. The API call should return a user ID.
  2. Use the user ID retrieved above, and pass it to this API to schedule an instant meeting (Pass the type=1 as a parameter):
  3. Once you have successfully scheduled an instant meeting, the response should contain the meeting number and a “start_url”, the url contains “zoom token” & “zoom access token”.(If you open the url in the browser directly, you will be direct to the Zoom client app and start an instant meeting) You can parse these 2 tokens from the url and prepare to use them in the SDK.
  4. Use the information retrieved in Step 3 and follow the instruction in the SDK documentation to start the meeting:

Hope this meets your scenarios. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

@carson.zoom Thanks for the reply.
I would like to inform you that we don’t want to create temporary users.
We need permanent user who can start instant meeting any time. and the registration of the user needs to be done while signup in our app.

Our scenario is when user signup in our app we want to create user in zoom and when user login in our app then later they can start instant meeting with the other user.

NOTE: Each user can start instant meeting any time without scheduling.

But we don’t know how to create user who are able to start instant meeting. Can you help me on this. using which method of creating user can help us to achieve our goal.

Waiting for your response

Hi @Jim_Kaspro,

Just wanted to follow up, the users who are created using custCreate or SSOCreate will not be temporary users and can start an instant meeting using the create meeting API with the type:1 parameter [1]. They should be able to start the meeting using the start_url that is returned in the response. However, the other user (attendee) who joins the meeting using the join_url will still need at least type in their name before joining the meeting. The only other way where the attendee can join without having to type in anything is to add them as a registrant to the meeting first [2]. From there they will have a specific join_url just for that user to join without logging in or filling in their name.


Let us know if this helps.


@michael_p.zoom Thanks for the reply.

I would like to inform you that we want to create meeting from app side using Zoom SDK in android and ios devices. The user creation is only done by web side using REST API. Rest of the things will done from App Side. Will your above answer help us to achieve our goal ?

Also i would like to know that the users are created using custCreate or SSOCreate can start an instant meeting using zoom SDK ?

I have tried and i found that the users are created using custCreate are not able to start instant meeting by using Zoom SDK in Android

@carson.zoom & @michael_p.zoom Any help please

Hi @Jim_Kaspro,

Yes, the above solution that I provided should help with what you’re looking for. The users should be able to start an instant meeting is they are the host of the meeting.

Can you provide the error message the your received when you tried to start the instant meeting?


Thanks @michael_p.zoom

I have tried to create instant meeting with the custCreate user but they showing invalid meeting number because i have tried to create instant meeting and i come to know that the user created by using custCreate are only able to start scheduled meetings only check here This meeting id is not valid. please check and try again the solutions that i tried


@Jim_Kaspro was the solution that Carson provided helpful or are you still not able to create the instant meeting?