Confusion, related to Non-login / API User

Hi support team,
I want to start a meeting without login to zoom.
Referenced from

I used an email address as USER_ID and pass 10 digits meeting ID, then i got this error
This meeting ID is not valid. Please check and try again

I’m little bit confused here,

  1. Is that USER_ID should already registered with zoom?
  2. How can i pass a random meeting ID to a user, It may match to another one.
  3. Is this starting new meeting as host or anything else ?

I exactly want to host a meeting. How can i achieve this?

I’m waiting for your response.

Hi mdsafdarsaleem,

Thansks for the post. Regarding your questions:

  1. The user ID could be your email address or the ID retrieved from They are identical in the API request.
  2. What is the random meeting ID you are referring to? If you choose to authenticate with Zoom Rest API and use it in SDK, you will need to schedule a meeting using before start it.
  3. If you use Zoom token and ZAK to start a meeting, then you will be the host. Otherwise, you will join the meeting as a participant.

If you would like to host as meeting, the easiest way is to login using email/password then start a meeting. If you would like to use the API user, here are the steps:

  1. Authenticate with Zoom REST API using API key & secret
  2. Schedule a meeting using:
  3. Retrieve the zoom token and zoom access token(Zak):
  4. Pass the meeting ID and tokens to SDK and start the meeting

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thanks @Carson_Chen for your suggestions.
I was using Zoom token and ZAK to start a meeting, but these both tokens was not generated.
Because of these null values it was trying to join a meeting.

Well… now I’m using Login with email & Password then i start a meeting, It is working fine as i expected.

I have one more question.
I want to start each meeting with a different Meeting-ID, is there any possibility ?

Hi mdsafdarsaleem,

Glad to hear that it is working fine. You may start an instant meeting: An instant meeting would be a meeting with a random meeting number so it’s different each time.

Hope this helps. Thanks!