Start local recording in native Zoom App

We want to integrate our product with Zoom. Specifically, we would like to build an Electron application that the user can interact with while they are in a meeting via the native Zoom app. This application should have a “start recording” button that starts recording the meeting locally on behalf of the user of our application. We do not want to implement our own video chat interface; we just want the native Zoom App to reflect that the recording has started.

Question: How do we start a local recording on behalf of the user in their native Zoom app from our Electron app?

Note: by native Zoom app, I’m referring to the Mac/Windows Zoom app the user already has installed.

What we’ve tried

  1. We’ve tried joining the user to the meeting using the SDK and then starting recording. Unfortunately, this results in the user appearing in the meeting participants panel twice, since the user had started or previously joined the meeting from their native Zoom app. Having the user appear twice is unacceptable, and is an indication that this is probably not the correct approach.
  2. We’ve tried starting the local recording via the SDK without explicitly joining the user to the meeting via the SDK, with the hopes that it would already know that the user was already in the meeting. This did not work either.

Thank you in advance.

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