Start one to one zoom meeting to a contact using zoom meeting sdk

I am building a virtual assistant application where I integrate zoom meeting sdk and API to achieve following use case.

  1. In my application I have a page where I listed out all agents available to go on a video call/ meeting.

  2. All the agents have devices installed with zoom client app.

  3. An user simply checks the available agents from the listing page and chooses an agent to call.

  4. On the other end selected agent who has zoom app opened will receive the meeting notification and join the meeting

How can achieve the above, a similar experience like starting a ‘meet with video’ with any contact from the Zoom client app using zoom meeting sdk or zoom APIs ?

Hi @santanu.manna ,

You can use the user’s presence status to determine agent availability:

Will these other people be internal or external account users? That could impact the logic. Whoever initiates the meeting will be the host. You can use to create an instant meeting with PMI to invite the agent to a Zoom Meeting. Since you’ll be using the user presence status webhook/API, you’ll have the user identification to pass through as an invitee during the create a meeting process:

In order to create the meeting programmatically, you will need admin access to create the meeting on the user’s behalf via API. The meeting can be started/joined through the Zoom MSDK.

Please let me know if this sounds like what you might want to do.

Hi @gianni.zoom Thanks for your response.

I would like to know the solution for the both external and internal users.

If I consider the agent as an internal account which means the agent must be the one of the user of the zoom account from which meeting will be initiated and the following steps to do to add and send notification.

  1. Get list of users and their presence status associated with the account which includes the agents identification
  2. User1 will create the meeting using Zoom create meeting API.
  3. User1 will join the same meeting using Zoom MSDK
  4. User1 will then add the User2(the agent) programmatically to the same meeting by using Zoom MSDK
  5. On the other hand the user2(the agent) will receive the notification in zoom client app to join the meeting and he can join with out passing any pass code

Are we on the same page ?

Hi @gianni.zoom please provide the right direction to have a similar experience like starting a ‘meet with video’ with any contact from the Zoom client app And receive invite on other end
but using zoom meeting sdk or zoom APIs. Is it possible ?

@santanu.manna ,

Could you clarify the reference to “the other end”? You mentioned wanting guidance on a workflow where users can select an agent from a list within your application, but I need clarification on where you want the agent to receive a notification.

If you’re using OAuth, you can support both internal and external users, but if you want to support external users, you’ll need to publish your app in the Zoom marketplace.

Assuming you want to implement a notification workflow where agents receive a notification through the Zoom Client. when a user selects them, please refer to this post:

Alternatively, if you want to support a workflow where agents receive the notification on another page within your application and then join the meeting using the Zoom Meeting SDK, you’ll need to handle the notifier logic on your end, but the same concept applies here. You can programmatically create meetings with the API and allow users to join that meetings using the Web SDK from within your application.

Join meeting

Let us know if this helps.

Hi @donte.zoom here the ’ the other end’ means the contact whom I invite by ‘meet with video’ option.

Usually when a user open his zoom client appcontactschoose any external contact and start ‘meet with video’ .
On the other end the contact receives the notification in their zoom client app ‘XYZ is inviting you to a meeting… JOIN / DECLINE’.

I just want to achieve this above functionality by using any of ZOOM API/SDK. Is it possible ? If so please mention required APIs or SDKs

Yes, it is possible but this sending the notification part needs to be handled by the developer. Here are the steps:

  1. Create a meeting on behalf of user (agent) via API
  • Create a meeting

  1. After you receive the API response with Meeting Details, you can send a notification using a 3rd party service like SendGrid email.

  2. Once the calendar invite is sent or SMS is sent, for example, the user will be notified.

  3. Alternatively, you can notify the agent via Zoom Team Chat, where you would send the meeting details to the agent via a Zoom Team Chat channel or private message.

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Here is a helpful developer forum post on this topic :