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I’m new in the Zoom SDK and I’m trying to create a breakout room.
I’m starting the SDK using the option, “Join meeting”, for a private meeting of mine:

Screenshot 2021-02-20 165601

And on the code, I’m doing this:

ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::IBOCreator* iboCreator = SDKInterfaceWrap::GetInst().GetMeetingService()->GetMeetingBOController()->GetBOCreatorHelper();
	bool enabled  = SDKInterfaceWrap::GetInst().GetMeetingService()->GetMeetingBOController()->IsBOEnabled();

But I’m always receiving null and false respectively. I think it’s because I’m join the meeting as a regular user not a host, so my question is, how can I join a meeting as a host?

Which Client Windows SDK version?

Hey @diogowebmaster,

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To join a breakout room the user must already be in a standard meeting first, then the meeting must create and start the breakout rooms. To join a meeting as the host the user must be signed in and authenticated as the user who has host privileges for that given meeting. You can also sign in first, and then start a new meeting, which will begin the meeting with you as the host.


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