Start Time issue when creating the new webinar using server to server Oauth app

Hi Team,

Can anyone please help on the below issue .

I am getting issue with the startTime of the newly created webinar using Server to Server OAuth App in postman.

here is the request body:
“agenda”: “Server-Server OAuth Webinar”,
“duration”: 60,
“password”: “778832”,
“schedule_for”: “”,

“settings”: {

"contact_email": "",
"contact_name": "my name",
"email_language": "en-US",
"global_dial_in_countries": [
"registrants_restrict_number": 100,
"registration_type": 1

“start_time”: “2023-04-10T19:00:00Z”,
“template_id”: “dKVpgg0T7OmgZbDa_lWYg”,
“timezone”: “Asia/Kolkata”,
“topic”: “Server-Server OAuth Webinar”,
“type”: 9

I am able to create the webinar but ,the timezone is different what I Entered.

I am trying to create the webinar @7pm IST.but it is created for 9AM.

please help me on this.


The start_time value has a Z time zone suffix, which means it’s expressed using UTC. It sounds like you want this to be local time, so you’ll need to either change the timestamp to align with UTC or change the time zone suffix to align with the local time zone.