Start_url expires in 2 hours

We will exclusively be using Webinars, not Meetings. We have our staff start webinars by using the start_url link. The staff do not have their own accounts. Currently, we have many webinars that run well past 2 hours. Now, say if we are at the 3 hour mark in a webinar and for whatever reason, the host is booted from the webinar (OS crashes, Zoom desktop client crashes, internet connection goes down, etc.), how can we get the host back into the event as the host without logging in? Since the start_url expires 2 hours after creation, it cannot be used at the 3 hour mark…

Which Endpoint/s?

Parth Dalal

Hi @pdalal,

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Every time you call the Create Webinar API, the start_url object is available for 2 hrs from the time you call the API. You can call retrieve webinar api to refresh the expiration time.

If a user is created via API, then the start_url is available for 90 days from the time of creation. For a user to be classified as an API user you would need to create him using the Create User’s API, and the value for the Action the object should be custCreate.

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That’s perfect. Thanks!

@pdalal please let us know if you have any other questions

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