Start_url with custCreate requires host to login


I’m creating the users with the custCreate option. (I’ve contacted the ISV team and I can use the custCreate)

When I create a meeting using the API, the start_url requires the host to login to start the meeting, but the host doesn’t have a password (because of the custCreate), So, how can I let the host start the meeting without worrying about the login page.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s? {{userId}}/meetings

Hey @shamslatif,

Are you retrieving the start_url returned by the Create Meeting API response, or are you getting this from a different endpoint? The reason I ask is because the URL returned by the Create Meeting API response should have a user token appended to it.

Please let me know when you have a chance—thanks!

Hey Will,
I’m using this endpoint → {{userId}}/meetings

Thanks for confirming, @shamslatif. Is it possible to share the exact start_url with us at This will allow us to take a closer look.


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