startShareCamera ignores deviceID sent

When calling startShareCamera the device ID is ignored and the previously shared camera is always shared. It appears that the deviceID is ignored - if you send nil then the call fails, but whatever else you send the call succeeds but doesn’t select the sent camera.

Note I am using the same deviceID that I can use to successfully select a camera so (unless the sharing method uses a different type of ID) the deviceID is correct…

Hi @richard1, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

We will need to investigate this behavior and let you know as soon as we have an update. While we are looking into this, can you please verify the SDK version you are using and provide a code snippet showing how you are calling into this method?


Am using the latest version of the sdk. I’m simply calling the method (with nil for the window) and either an empty string or a deviceID string.

It’s worth noting that I believe the windows version of this call doesn’t have a deviceID property, and the zoom vanilla client doesn’t allow you to select which camera to share, so i suspect the deviceID property is simply being ignored internally.

Hi @richard1, thanks for confirming.

That’s a good point regarding the Windows function. Looking at that, there must be some backstory behind why one platform allows you to specify an ID and the other doesn’t for the same feature. It is possible that the ID field was deprecated on the back end but was accidentally left in for the macOS SDK.

Regardless of the reasoning for the difference here, we definitely need to get this figured out so that you are able to properly assess the functionality of this for your implementation.