Still processing after more than 24h

My cloud recordings are stuck since yesterday. I’ve checked the status page and everything seems to be ok. The recordings have more than 1h and more the 24h passed.
Any idea on how can I obtain the video? My client has some urgency and I don’t have anything to reply.
Thanks a lot!

Hi there? Hello? Costumer support around?

Hi, there is another thread on here where many have experienced the same issue, including myself. Unfortunately nobody has had a personal reply regarding this, but there is a status somewhere explaining that they know there are issues, and that engineers are working on it.

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OMG! I have the same issue and it’s driving me crazy. It is literally impossible to get in touch with customer support. I have two recordings that I need to get hold of asap. Please can we keep each other updated regarding this issue. Thank you!!!

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Same here… can’t believe I paying for this and still facing this shit. Hello customer service ?

I saw! I’m following that thread. Let’s wait and see if they can solve this asap :frowning:

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Hello everyone! I have been waiting for a recording to process for around 5 days now too. Not only that, every time I try to record another video that also doesn’t process even if it is 5 seconds long!

I have found a temporary solution for the latter. I have started to use my personal hotspot on my phone and that seemed to allow me to see and download my recorded videos.

Unfortunately I don’t have a solution for recordings that aren’t processed. But this could work for your future recordings. Hope it helps!

Keep safe everyone

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Still nothing, I’m offfering my clients half price for next week for the inconvenience and so that I don’t have to give refunds! I wonder off Zoom will be giving us a free months membership for the inconvenience and loss of business??

Hi all - @rui.pinto, @moomusicchester, @rumimosque, @zain.mumtaz @kilicersin1,

First, our apologies for the delay in the recording processing time. From other customers I’ve seen this occurring to, the recordings seem to be processed. If you’re still experiencing delays, please Direct Message me meeting info (Meeting IDs or UUIDs) so I can take a look. Note: please do not post meeting IDs or recording links here.

Second, please also pardon our delayed response time. As I hope you can understand, we have continued to see a surge in the volume of posts growing each week.

This forum is focused on Developer Platform / API support, but I understand there might also be some delay in responses from Customer Support. I’ll do my best to help where I can.

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