How much time it takes for a meeting to get uploaded to zoom cloud?

When the meeting ends, after how much time API call must be taken to get the recording?

Not sure if this is helpful, but we have been doing some recordings lately and I noticed that the alert email saying the recording(s) are ready comes about 3-3.5 hours after the end of a 2 hour recording. That’s pretty much been consistent from what we have seen. That can be shortened if you limit the number of streams you are capturing in Zoom. So you may want to look there and see if there are recording options you don’t need and uncheck those. We have our setup integrated with an eLearning platform and the transfer to that platform starts AFTER the email comes from Zoom that the recording is done. So I would say the email = finished recording in Zoom, it’s not available any sooner than when the email notice comes in. All in all, I wish it was faster. We have a legacy product from another vendor on-prem, capturing our conferences now and it churns through 3-4 simultaneous streams in about 1/10th the time Zoom does.

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Hi @tvarshney,

Following up on what @sean.cotter explained, it depends on the length of the recording that determines how long the recording will be completed.
Also, you can subscribe to our recording completed webhook[1], to automatically notify your system when your recording is completed.

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