Still unresolved: Camera and shared screen not showing to some clients


This issue was first flagged on Sep 21 under the same heading. Unfortunately, the thread was closed Dec 18th without resolution.

I have an important client that absolutely needs to have video webinar capability integrated into our solution. This bug needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Can someone at Zoom please fix this in the upcoming version and provide an estimated release date for the fix? Will it be completed by mid-January 2021? I need to communicate the status and expectation to my client.

The last reply was by “Tommy” from Zoom on Nov 18:

"Hey @pmogollon,
Correct, the fix was this was not in version 1.8.3. We will be releasing it in a future version.
Once I know exactly which version, I will notify this thread.


See entire thread here:


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Hey @shing,

Happy to provide an update! :slight_smile:

We did release version 1.8.5 which included some video and screenshare fixes. Please try upgrading and let me know if that fixes the issue!


That normal, Video, Audio and screen sharing is blocked on iOS devices, no matter which browser you use.

I advice you to read the support (for iOS, not for Desktop browser) here:

As you can see:

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Thanks @nvivot, for sharing the Browser Support table.

@shing, please let us know if you need any additional support! :slight_smile:


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