String field validation


If I get back a code:300 “Validation Failed.”, it gives back the field name, but not the reason of failure (“max length is XX”).

I found this: Is there a size limit for the agenda field?
What’s the limit for first_name and last_name strings?

I couldn’t find any documentation of your field validation. That’s missing?

[ERROR CODE # 400]: {“code”:300,“message”:“Validation Failed.”,“errors”:[{“field”:“last_name”,“message”:“Invalid field.”}]}

How can I debug this without knowing the max string length of last_name (for example).


The API documents list the validations for each property.

If you expand the Request Body block and click on the user_info object you see all the available properties. You can then click on the properties that say “* validation” to see what they are.

Thanks for your reply. The docs provide the data type, not the validation rules!
it just says: “string”. not max-length rule, for example.

Did you click on the property? They’ll appear when you click on them. Look at the top-right corner of each property in the image:

See here:

Is a first_name string always 64 characters max-length (as in the screenshot you sent), across the Zoom API ? (webinar, meeting registrants, etc…)

I’m not sure if it’s consistent, but it does look like the Meeting Registrants endpoint also has a maxlength of 64. The First Name and Last Name text boxes on an actual registration page match up with that.

Thanks a lot for your quick and helpful replies.

@samly thank you so much for your help - we’ll make sure to reflect these consistently across the docs