Student Problems - Requesting Help to Allow me to Help Students

We are Desperate - As schools and students rely on Zoom, Zoom heartlessly responds by offering NO live help at all. Please tell us if there are solutions to these problems:

  1. Students get a message on screen of “waiting for meeting to start” a “Calendared Meeting” far too long. When a fortunate student has both (a) a teacher who separately sends the meeting number and password and (b) another machine and get in, the teacher says the meeting had been going for ten minutes the student was never in the waiting room. Why does this happen? What can students be told to do to avoid this issue? Kids are being marked absent and will flunk without a solution.

  2. As a workaround, how can one derive from a zoom link the meeting Password if the teacher does not separately list it?

PLEASE feel free to post any suggestions or email any questions or solutions directly to You may be saving a student’s future.

Thank you for any help you may provide!

  • Roger

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Hey @rmarion,

It sounds like your student was trying to join the wrong meeting. I suggest reaching out to so they can look into this further. :slight_smile:

With the Zoom API, you can get the join_url from the Get Meeting endpoint.


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