Support fully customize UI with Electron SDK?

Hi. I’ve been working with the Electron SDK recently and was wondering how I can customize the conference window UI. Is it possible to get the video streams of conference attendees and render them in my own HTML page (and also hide the built-in native conference window)? I saw that there are methods related to video raw data in the demo but has no luck to get them working.

Which version?
Latest Electron SDK from

I’ve dug around the console output when running the SDK demo and found that the following method calls return errors:

zoomsdk.HasRawDataLicense() => 6 (ZNSDKERR_SERVICE_FAILED)
zoomvideorawdata.Start(opts) => 1 (ZNSDKERR_NO_IMPL)

Does it mean something wrong with my developer account, or the feature is not available for Electron SDK? Thanks.

Hey @mos66,

I looked at your account and saw you have a basic account and no development permissions.

To use the APIs, you must have at least a pro account (or free trail), and the following permissions:

Can you try this and let me know if it works?


Hi mos66,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. The raw data feature is not public available yet. And the custom UI feature is an individual feature that does not involve raw data. What are you trying to achieve?


Hi @carson.zoom, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

So I’m currently integrating zoom into my own product (an Electron desktop app) and I’m trying to show video & audio streams of the conference attendees in an HTML page via <video> tags with my own UI and layout. Is this possible with the current Electron SDK? Thanks.

If the above is not possible, is there a way to customize the built-in conference window provided by the Electron SDK, disabling all other features except the video streams? Specifically, I want to disable the chat feature, removing it both from the bottom toolbar and video element context menu.

Hi mos66,

Thanks for the info. After consulting the engineering team, it seems like what you are trying to achieve is not possible with our current version of Electron. I have passed your use cases to our engineering team and we will investigate the possibility to support the feature you are looking for. I will let you know if I have any updates.

Thank you!

There is a code dealing with Raw Data in yuv.html in demo.
Does this work?

Hi niwano_shintaro,
Thanks for using Zoom SDK. The raw data feature is not public available yet. So it won’t work at the moment.


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@carson.zoom Thank you for your answer.

Thanks for your help Carson! :slight_smile:


Hey @carson.zoom,

It’s been a few months since this thread, wanted to check to see if raw video/audio data is now publicly available and expected to work on the electron sdk? If not, can we expect it in the future, or is it unlikely to be supported on the electron SDK?

Thanks for your help as always!

Hi Nitin,

Thanks for the reply. Our raw video/audio data feature is still not publicly available. We will continue to investigate the feasibility to make this feature publicly available in the future.


So this yuv.html page doesn’t do anything? Why is it already in the code then? It’s confusing.

Hi Sam,

The YUV.html is for the raw data feature, which is not publicly available right now.


Ok, thanks for your answer.