Support URL on a custom domain v/s self-owned domain

We are in the final stages of refining our app to submit it for review and are running into a problem. Our support page is hosted on HelpScout ( Since this is on the “” domain instead of “” (owned by us), the Zoom app wizard doesn’t allow us to add it. We are thinking of solving this in 2 ways:

  1. Add a new support page on our own domain ( Something like
  2. Create a redirect from (a subdomain owned by us) to (our hosted support page).

We are leaning with the 2nd option. Our questions are:

  1. Is this something that is acceptable?
  2. Can you briefly have a look at this hosted page ( and tell us if it meets the requirements for a Zoom recommended support page?

Hi @nraval1729,

Thanks for reaching out about this—there shouldn’t be any issue with either of these approaches.

However, if you would prefer not to have to take these additional steps, we can also help manually validate your domain for you via a txt record added to your DNS. If you prefer that, you can reach out to us directly at and we’ll be happy to help with that.


Thanks @will.zoom, we were able to resolve this by 2. above :slight_smile:

I see, thanks for confirming :slight_smile:

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