Synced video playing from "the cloud'

Hi guys,
My use case is probably very similar to a lot of other customers, (since this is for a church). The “church service”, I’ll refer to as “meeting”.

The issue:
We have a setup with the main hoster running a meeting primarily in “one to many” mode.
The meeting is run with:

  • live segments from hoster.
  • occasional live segments from co-hosts.
  • pre-recorded “talking” only videos.
  • pre-recorded music videos.

All in all it works well, except when it comes to the pre-recorded bits.
Pre-recorded talking video is OK, because of the fact that the video is fairly static and audio is talking only.
So, audio CODECs would be able to handle this without issue.

The problem is; when we are playing a video from hoster or co-host, (using sharing option) - then the upstream bandwidth of the hoster greatly affects the overall quality of the downstream viewership.
The net result is that everyone generally has bad audio quality, especially in high internet usage timeslots.

Yes - we have selected the “optimized for video” option.

Possible solution:
Could I propose a feature request of being able to initiate the playing of video from a Zoom cloud store?

This means that the video would be still synced across all clients. That is: everyone would see the same thing at the same time and the video would end for everyone at the same time.
It would also mean that those clients on higher internet bandwidth would see better quality and not subject to the “lowest common denominator”.

I could imagine some sort of YouTube hook in the client such that the hoster can initiate playback of a YouTube video, but that might get messy.

Or else offer a Zoom storage option - surely an extra revenue stream for Zoom? :smiley:

Hey @embed,

This is a good idea, however, it is not in the scope of the Zoom App Marketplace Platform.

Please reach out to or for this feature request. :slight_smile: