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Dear Zoom Support Team,

I am reaching out to inquire about specific functionalities within the Zoom Video SDK for Web, related to a Video Calling application we are developing. Our application involves multiple users with distinct roles, including a Host and other participants.

We are particularly interested in the Cloud Recording feature and its capabilities during live sessions. Specifically, we would like to confirm if Zoom’s Cloud Recording feature supports ‘live recording’. By ‘live recording’, we refer to the ability to initiate and terminate recording at various intervals throughout the same (meeting) session, and to access the recorded files immediately, while the session is still ongoing.

Furthermore, if such live recording is feasible, is it possible to start and stop the recording multiple times within the same session?

@ekaansh.zoom @Zoom_Staff

@krunalrgupta15, Cloud recording does not support “live recording”. The cloud recording is processed after the session ends.

You could build your own live recording platform, using raw recording from Windows or Linux client

@chunsiong.zoom thank you for your reply

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