Tcp control of spotlight on/off via host desktop app

I’m looking for a way to remote control enabling /disabling spotlight on a per speaker basis

For example I have 10 participants in the call. I would like to send a command like /zoom/spotlightSpeaker1 or /zoom/spotlightSpeaker2 to turn on spotlight for a specific participant. I would also need /zoom/spotlightOff to return participants to the view of their choice.

Would also be useful to have a way for my local machine to do /zoom/galleryView for example.

This control would be managed by something like bitfocus companion to enable an operator running a broadcast to switch sources when a Q&A is taking place via a streamdeck.

Can anyone help me here?


Hi @jonathanB,

Thanks for the post. Are you looking to control the Zoom client or your own app that integrates Zoom SDK?


Ideally the zoom desktop client. I’m not sure I have the development skill to write my own. I really want to be able to have a physical button using streamdeck/companion to spotlight participants rather than having to click on them and select spotlight from the dropdown list.

If it had to be a custom app - it would be just installed on my machine where I have control



Hi Jonathan,

If you would like to control the Zoom client, then you might need to contact Zoom client support at as this forum is for Marketplace Apps so I do not have any visibilities or insights regarding the Zoom client.


Thanks I have sent them an email. I didn’t know if my request could be built into a special version which was my reason for posting here

Hi @jonathanB,

If using the SDK is an option, you could build an app that integrates the SDK and as long as you could provide the required parameters that the SDK interfaces needed, you could control the app in any way that meets your use case.

You may have a look at our Windows SDK and mac SDK demo app: &&

Hope this helps. Thanks!