TDD app update submission & webhook endpoint validation

Cannot submit TDD information due to webhook validation requirements
Hello. We have completed all the TDD and privacy requirements. However, we are not able to submit our application update due to the requirement for all webhook endpoints to be validated. All our endpoints were implemented well before Oct 2022 and therefore should not require validation until Oct 2023 according to your documentation here:

This would require a code change on our end, and is slotted to happen this summer. How can I submit the TDD information without also implementing the endpoint validation?

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Hi @comptonmc_filo
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Could you please share the name of your app with me so I can reach out to the Marketplace team about this issue and get you a workaround?

Hi Elisa – Thank you. The App name is Filo. App Marketplace

Our app is having the same issue. We have opened a ticket with support about this issue, but we are having trouble getting a response. I’m sorry, but could you please provide a workaround for us as well?
The support request ID is #16634356.

Hi @Ayano
Thanks for reaching out to us.
Could you please confirm if your app is published in the Marketplace? and if so, can you please share the name of your app with me

Hi @elisa.zoom
We are encountering the same issue with updating our app’s TDD. Our webhook validation was created prior to October 23, 2022; however, we are not able to submit the TDD without updating the webhook. The app name is ShareStream and it is published in the marketplace.
Could you please provide the workaround for us as well?

Hi @comptonmc_filo @Ayano and @sharestream
I have reached out to the Marketplace team about this issue.
It looks like there was a misunderstanding and miscommunication on our end.

I just wanted to clarify that your apps are Oauth apps and are NOT AT RISK for suspension at the end of this month or disabling at the end of March.

We will be engaging all published apps to complete TDD and PA this year, but at this time ONLY Zoom Apps will be suspended/disabled if they do not complete the TDD and PA requirements.

Here are the steps that you can follow to verify if your app is a Zoom App or an OAuth app:

Go to App Marketplace > Find your published app (will have ‘Published’ under the Status Column) > If this app is ‘Zoom App’ in the ‘Type’ Column you are required to fill in the technical design section and submit an update. If this app is ‘OAuth’ in the ‘Type’ Column no TDD or Privacy Attestation is required at this time

Hope this helps,

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Hi @elisa.zoom
Thank you for your quick and polite response.
Our app is OAuth app. We are relieved to know that there is no risk of suspension of publication for OAuth apps at this time.

Our app has also requested TDD, but is still under review.

The app is here.

We do not use Webhook with our OAuth app.
We would like to know if it will be stopped after 2/28.

Hi @senshin
It looks like your app is an OAuth app so you do not have to worry about it

Thanks for the quick reply!
I am relieved.