Testgcm requires a password but textbox is too short

testgcm requires a password when joining the room I am presented with a password input box but it wont let me enter the whole password and therefore won’t let me into the meeting

Which version?
test gcm site and android sdk version4.6.21666.0429. Input only allows for 10 characters when the password is 32 characters long


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  4. See error

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Hi j.phillips,

Thanks for the post. May I inquire how do you make the meeting password to be 32 characters long?


  1. Navigate to the test gcm site: https://zoom.us/testgcm
  2. Click join

if the query param pwd is not the password for this test meeting I am not sure what is.

I do not believe that is the actual meeting password, that is an encrypted text.
If you check the meeting itself, you should click the info icon and see the password

That did work I was able to join the meeting with the new sdk integrated. Will passwords be required in the future for this new encryption or is this just a feature check? Our current workflow does not involve passwords, I need to know if this is something that will need to be implemented before June 1st.

I believe you can still create meetings without password.
PS: I do not work for Zoom. I am only on the forums finding answers myself

@carson.zoom Does can you verify that the new encryption does not require meetings to be password protected and that this is turned on for the testgcm site only to test the new meetings with the password feature turned on?

@stntz Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Hi @j.phillips,

The testgcm site is just for testing the GCM meetings before the GCM system-wide account enablement, so the settings here are turned on for the testgcm site only., so the settings here are turned on for the testgcm site only. GCM encryption and meeting passwords are 2 separate features so they are not bonded together. If you would like to get the meeting password, you may get it from the info icon:
Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 4.09.48 PM


@carson.zoom Thank you yes, that is what I wanted to confirm.

Glad to be helpful. Happy Zooming!