Testing Media Streaming API

I am an app developer and am working on an app that will involve live streaming audio and video content using a custom streaming set-up.

As far as I know, live streaming feature is only available for Paid accounts. However, is there a sandbox environment where I can test the live streaming feature for my app before getting a paid account when I am about to go live?


Hey @shubhamshukla7,

Good question—you’re correct in that our Live Streaming service requires a Pro or higher license.

While it’s a great suggestion, I’m afraid we don’t offer a sandbox environment or trial. If you need to test this out, I might recommend purchasing a monthly Pro license—if it doesn’t suit you, you can cancel the plan.


Thank you, @will.zoom! Appreciate your quick turn around. Thanks!

Happy to help! @shubhamshukla7 :slight_smile:

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